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I'm an Australian Drummer who relocated to Dallas, TX in October of 2014.  Before I left Australia I was playing in a Live Electronic Dance band, called P.U.M.P.


There's a bunch of photos and videos from live gigs on here and some other bits and pieces. Before P.U.M.P. I was in another Dance band, called The Party Rockers. Before The PR's I played with Slim Jim and the Phatts for about 5 years, playing pub rock stuff. The photos on the 'Rock Photos' page are mainly from the Phatts band.

Big thanks to Robbie Merritt for the portrait photos. If you're in Australia and you need an amazing photographer, check Robbie out here.

I'm available for fill-in gigs and session work. So if you're ever looking for a drummer, feel free to contact me if you like my stuff. 


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